Empowering Heritage, Enhancing Facilities

Ela Hultsi

Ela Hultsi is a First Nations owned joint venture between Des Nedhe and BGIS. We offer a complete suite of facilities management products and services to business and institutional clients from coast to coast to coast.

Indigenous Empowerment and Environmental Commitment

Ela Hultsi is a First Nations-owned company dedicated to Indigenous employment and environmental stewardship across Canada.

Comprehensive Facilities Management Expertise

Leveraging over 25 years of experience, Ela Hultsi offers a full spectrum of innovative facilities management services nationwide.

Unique Product Offerings with Cultural Integration

Products like Solstice Coffee and Nature's Pond feature Indigenous elements, supporting local communities and promoting sustainability.

Culturally crafted solutions for modern challenges

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Facilities Management

Our team of experts is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the functionality, safety, and
efficiency of your physical workspace. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, energy management, and space optimization, we handle every aspect with precision and care.

Cleaning Services

We have over 60 years of experience providing facility cleaning and ancillary services to clients of every size and industry type. From basic janitorial programs to many specialty services, we are an established and trusted source for facility maintenance.

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Indigenous Carpeting

A groundbreaking collaboration that  epitomizes the spirit of partnership, creativity, and social responsibility. The artistic soul of this initiative lies in the carpet patterns, each meticulously crafted and inspired by original lndigenous artwork, jointly commissioned by Ela Hultsi and BGIS. The intricate stories woven into each piece serve as a profound educational tool to enlighten and sensitize people to Indigenous values and principles. With each carpet purchase, customers receive a reproduction of the inspirational artwork, either digitally or physically, that forms the basis of the carpet pattern.

Corporate Coffee Program

Distributing Des Nedhe’s own  Solstice Coffee exclusively, Ela Hultsi provides corporate coffee solutions that employ a fully Indigenous supply chain. From Indigenous growers worldwide to an on-reserve roastery at Grasswood Junction, we’re helping to take Solstice from farm to cup.

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Established in 1991 by English River First Nation (ERFN), the Des Nedhe Development Corporation was designed to grow sustainable employment and business opportunities for ERFN community members.

Now, driven by our purpose, rooted in our character and led by a team of experts, Des Nedhe Group has grown into a national leader in Indigenous entrepreneurship and economic development – a diverse collective of Indigenous-owned businesses dedicated to creating lasting change in Indigenous communities and corporate supply chains across Canada.

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