Growing opportunities through relationships
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Next Generation Thinking

Forward-thinking Canadian businesses leaders know that Indigenous suppliers are a key part of any viable strategic sourcing strategy. But how do you find the right Indigenous businesses to partner with?

The Indigenous-owned companies in the Des Nedhe Group will help you push beyond CSR compliance to find the sustainable, value-adding partners you really need – world-class leaders that can compete with suppliers in any market, industry, or region.


Investing in relationships

At Des Nedhe Group, we approach business differently, forging trusting partnerships and investing in relationships that are measured in years and decades, not from contract to contract.

Building on our strong relationships with Indigenous communities throughout Canada, we take a national-to-nation approach to business development that generates a continuous pipeline of qualified suppliers, entrepreneurs, and partnerships – and the expanded access to skills, land, resources, and talent that comes with them.

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Believe in tomorrow

Led by our committed management and Board and a growing stable of industry experts, we follow a strong strategic plan built on pragmatic, long-term growth, diversification, continuous improvement, and continual investment in our people and business. 

We are built to adapt with change – and to ensure we are here to help our corporate partners and their communities thrive for generations to come. 

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The path to Indigenous inclusion is also the best path to business success! If you’re looking to build progressive partnerships with exceptional Indigenous professionals