Empowering Communities through Mining

MTM Mining

Mudjatik Thyssen Mining is a joint venture focusing on uranium mine work in northern Saskatchewan, co-owned by local Indigenous communities.

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Uniting for Progress: Mudjatik Thyssen Mining

A joint venture between Mudjatik Enterprises, Thyssen Mining, and Tron Construction – and co-owned by several local First Nations and Métis communities – Mudjatik Thyssen Mining (MTM) was created to undertake mine construction, development, and production contract work in northern Saskatchewan.

Empowering Northern Communities: MTM’s Impact in Saskatchewan

Managed by Tron Construction, MTM brings capital and employment to more than 13 communities in the north, providing northern Saskatchewan residents and communities with the opportunity to responsibly  participate in and benefit from the Saskatchewan uranium mining  industry.

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Established in 1991 by English River First Nation (ERFN), the Des Nedhe Development Corporation was designed to grow sustainable employment and business opportunities for ERFN community members.

Now, driven by our purpose, rooted in our character and led by a team of experts, Des Nedhe Group has grown into a national leader in Indigenous entrepreneurship and economic development – a diverse collective of Indigenous-owned businesses dedicated to creating lasting change in Indigenous communities and corporate supply chains across Canada.

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