In the Fit for Duty Program, what are you responsible to do?(Required)
What does the acronym (P.A.S.S.) for Fire Extinguishers stand for?(Required)
When and Who do you report an Incident to?(Required)
When completing a Hazard Assessment what is the first way you should try to control the Hazard?(Required)
As a Worker what are your responsibilities? (Mark all that apply)(Required)
What are the Worker’s 3 Rights?(Required)
If you are working and discover a tool or piece of equipment that does not work correctly, what is the proper procedure?(Required)
What is required to safely use of a Ladder? (Mark all that apply)(Required)
When working at site, is it okay to operate a piece of equipment without training?(Required)
What do you do if you find something that could potentially hurt you or another worker?(Required)
What are the 4 R’s of Waste Segregation?(Required)
What Information must be included on the tags that are affixed to the tape?(Required)
What is the purpose of an incident investigation? Select all that apply.(Required)
What is a Confined Space? A fully or partially enclosed space that:
What are some Ergonomic Risk Factors?(Required)
You are Fit for Duty if you have drugs in your system.(Required)
You may modify scaffolding if you need to.(Required)
You can get in trouble for reporting an incident.(Required)
Spills must be avoided, and procedures must be followed to prevent any accidental releases to the environment.(Required)
You are allowed to work alone with no means of contact with your supervisor.(Required)
If you violate a Tron Absolutes you will receive a verbal warning.(Required)
You can find all the HSE documents on our server in TCM.(Required)
You can work alone in a confined space.(Required)
Only qualified workers that are trained and knowledgeable are allowed to work on electrical tasks.(Required)
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