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03 May, 2024

Sean Willy speaks to the Globe & Mail about Transportable Nuclear Power Plants (TNPPs)

In an interview with the Globe & Mail regarding Northern Canada’s energy challenges, Sean Willy, President and CEO of Des Nëdhé Group, emphasized the value of Indigenous involvement in a proposed floating nuclear power plants project with Prodigy Clean Energy. He remarked, “You have Indigenous people that want to be part of this process, that want to include other Indigenous people and treat them like value-added partners. Having Indigenous people talk to Indigenous people seems to work a lot better than bringing in a bunch of outside consultants and highly technical people. That’s why we’re part of this project.” Willy also highlighted the potential for equitable involvement and benefits for Indigenous communities, stating, “Equity is now table stakes. But it’s not only equity, it’s having an Indigenous supply chain and training up our people to operate these over the long term.”

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