Building a more inclusive Canadian workforce

Katrina Maurice


Katrina Melissa Maurice is a dedicated and multifaceted board member with a profound connection to her Dene culture, fluently speaking both Dene and English. Her academic background includes a high school diploma from St. Louis School in Patuanak, Sk (2001), and partial completion of a Bachelor of Arts at Nortep/Norpac in La Ronge (2001-2003). Katrina has acquired a diverse range of certifications, from educational assistance to crisis intervention and even a Canadian Ranger Sniper Badge, highlighting her commitment to personal growth and community service. From 2019 to 2023, she served as an English River First Nation Elected Official, managing essential services and establishing vital community relationships. Since 2017, Katrina has been an active Canadian Ranger, contributing to national security and public safety. Her dedication extends to volunteer roles, including President of the English River First Nation Hockey League and instructor for the Community Cadet Core. Katrina’s remarkable blend of leadership, cultural dedication, and community involvement makes her an invaluable asset to any board.