Building a more inclusive Canadian workforce

Melvina Aubichon


For Melvina Aubichon, family is the foundation of her identity and she credits much of her career accomplishments on her upbringing and the values her parents instilled in her at an early age while growing up in English River First Nation.   

Ms. Aubichon has enjoyed an expansive career in administration that has allowed her to share her knowledge and expertise with organizations making an impact on a local, provincial and national level. This includes serving with the Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers (CANDO), the Saskatoon Industry and Education Council (SIEC), the Northern Inter-Tribal Health Authority and the University of Saskatchewan. 

A tenacious learner, Ms. Aubichon is an MBA Candidate in Community Economic Development at Cape Breton University and holds both a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and a Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education from the University of Saskatchewan. She is a fluent Dene speaker.