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17 January, 2020

Partnering for Progress

George Gordon First Nation

Not scared to forge new paths, Des Nedhe Group moved to unite with a southern First Nation to form one of the province’s first joint ventures that includes both a northern and southern community.

Jordan Baptiste says the joint venture with George Gordon First Nation came together last summer after realizing there were opportunities to attract more work in the mining, power, and energy sectors.

“This partnership was a strategic move to capture larger pieces of work in southern areas of the province and differentiate from others. It allows us to compete with larger entities, acting as a tier one organization, to bring employment and revenue opportunities to both communities.”

George Gordon has a number of resource projects happening on their traditional territory. They see a JV with Tron as a good way to leverage opportunities from those projects. “We have a lot of experience working with proponents, getting people working and businesses grown to generate revenue for community. It was a path George Gordon wanted to go down versus a lot of traditional joint ventures – and that’s how a community-to-community partnership began.”

Baptiste believes this JV has strengthened DNG’s relationships with clients in the south, and its formation is another way the group of companies is positioning for long-term success and portfolio growth.